Stuffed Courgette with Whole Wheat Couscous

In a spectacularly productive ‘lazy Sunday’ I made a whole bunch of things from the odds and ends around the kitchen, one of which I’m most proud is this one – stuffed courgette, with whole wheat couscous, garlic, Parmesan and fresh herbs. Doesn’t it just look lovely! I’ll get these roundy courgettes again, even if it’s just for this kind of dish, because it looks good, because I’m eating with my eyes just as much as my stomach.

Stuffed c 1

From the top –

I slices the lid off, got a teaspoon to take the inside of the courgette out, the soft area with the seeds, and kept this for the filling. Lightly seasoned, I left the courgette in the oven to roast while I prepared the filling in a frying pan, with a generous amount of olive oil from southern Italy, I added a clove of garlic sliced in half, then the inside of the courgette followed by the fresh herbs. Off the heat, I added the cheese and seasoned. I made the couscous in a 1:1 ratio, couscous to water, then mixed in with the loveliness in the frying pan. When the roasted courgette was ready, I added the filling and put back in the oven to let the cheese mingle.

Perhaps one of the nicest, and simplest things, I’ve eaten in a good while. Joy lies in the simple things.

Stuffed courgette



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