Photo feature – Pasta for lunch

Work has been busy and only a lunch can motivate me in the morning madness. So I made this pasta: smoked ham and provolone cheese filled pasta and cherry tomato salad with fresh basil and parsley. Fancy pants lunch in a box. Winning!

pasta for lunch




The focaccia, now proud of place as my header, is made by yours truly. And it’s heart-shaped! I made it a while ago and I’ve got to make it again soon.

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Tomato and Chickpea soup

For that post-Christmas roundy feeling, there’s nothing like a hearty bowl of soup for dinner – filling but light, and always satisfying. I made this after coming back from a few days away with family for the festivities, so, fridge empty, I went in search of tins to make a warming bowl of goodness. And, hey presto, a soup was born. It’s based on a Marcella Hazan recipe (from a book I got for Christmas); please do read some of her recipes, they’re hearty, uncomplicated, dare I say it, ‘rustic’ type of Italian dishes that I love. And I’m sure you’ll love them too. This soup is a tomato, chickpea and optional tiny pasta combo, with some added stock, rosemary and olive oil, nice served with some Parmesan-style cheese, should you have some in the back of the fridge, or even the rind will do, adding it to the soup but removing it before serving. Or no cheese, too, that’s okay. You decide.

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Basic Tomato Sauce

This is always a good recipe to have up your sleeve – it relies on a few ingredients you’ll have in the cupboard, it’s very handy for those days when you’re waiting to get paid and have little or no funds for fancy pants foodstuffs and it’s also a very versatile, base sauce you can change and dress up for all kinds of dishes. Taken from the Silver Spoon, a.k.a. my go to book on Italian food, it couldn’t be simpler (unless you bought a jar ready-made, because life happens and sometimes this is the best thing for long days away from the kitchen.) Continue reading