For the love of coffee – Brief history of Bialetti

Hello everybody,

My adventures in caffeine never cease!

Recently, I came accross this lovely website about all things Italian called Life in Italy.

Naturally, a post about Italian coffee caught my eye, and here you get a brief history of the moka as created by Bialetti. I love these little machines, I’ve had a few over the years, my fave being a mini moka for two, with a lime green handle and top. But a careless flatmate left the gass on too high and melted the handle. Still, another excuse to browse for a new moka… My most recent is from Ikea (no shame in that) and I’ve another one that I got as a gift, which reminds me, where did I put it? Ah, the perils of moving house!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend 🙂

A dopo



Buongiorno! Prendo un caffè

Here’s a pic of my trusty moka. I use this to make strong coffee with ground beans, usually Lavazza Crema Gusto. Now that’s a proper start to Sunday morning – some freshly brewed coffee with a splash of hot milk.