New feature – photos!

Encouraged by the progress and connections I’ve made from blogging 101,  I’m starting to include a weekly photo feature. It not only shows you lovely readers what Italian foods I’ve been eating or experimenting with, but it also adds a much-needed visual element. So much about what we eat relies on visuals, how could I not post food pics? Part laziness, part “so hungry I can’t pause for a photo-op”, part forgetting where I’ve left the camera…

First photo: Grisbì biscuits


These delicate dome-shaped biscuits, with a variety of creamy fillings, coffee/espresso and cappuccino featured, but I’ve only opened one so far, the temptation to finish the entire pack is over-whelming. They are pleasantly addictive and a light alternative to dessert at the end of a meal. Buonissimi!

More photos to follow… stay tuned folks


Buongiorno! Prendo un caffè

Here’s a pic of my trusty moka. I use this to make strong coffee with ground beans, usually Lavazza Crema Gusto. Now that’s a proper start to Sunday morning – some freshly brewed coffee with a splash of hot milk.


Sharing is caring

A brief but lovely post where I share some great Italian inspired food blogs. Please take a look 🙂

Nutella & Hazelnut Ice-Cream (no churn) by the Kiwi Cook

Easy Homemade Nutella by Daily Dose of Greens

Zuchetti with Lemon Parsley Prawns with Pangratato by Lipsmackingly Delicious

Arancini from Sicily – new year comfort food, by Rhubarb Fool

Regional Delights – Mozzarella di Bufala, by Rachel, on Craving Mad


This is what gives me energy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Dinner this evening was an unfussy affair, pasta, tomato sauce and beans, but it was just lovely. It was my birthday not too long ago and I was given many foodie treats as gifts (which I’ll always be grateful for), some of which included some products from the organic brand Bunalun. So, this evening, my dinner was almost 100% organic! Organic and Italian, there’s a treat I don’t have everyday. The pasta sauce tasted fresh but velvety and had a natural sweetness from the tomatoes and basil, plus no added sugar, always a winner in my book. The penne were really tasty, didn’t go mushy or too soft, were cooked just right. And the beans packed a much-needed protein punch. I added some Grana and black pepper and sat down on the couch to eat. I really do love pasta. ❤

And, here are more things that give me my energy back, put a spring back in my step and generally make me feel calmer:

  • eating well, taking a time out to eat and just eat, no distractions!
  • eating fresh veggies often
  • eating Italian foods that make me feel happy, like pasta
  • going for walks, long or short, in the park
  • a good sleep
  • a hot shower
  • reading a good book, wrapped up warm and with the heating turned on
  • knowing that my fridge is half empty but my cupboard is almost full


On being a good neighbour

For this assignment, I threw caution to the wind (it’s been very windy in Ireland this week) and read blogs that weren’t necessarily foodie ones. GASP! Well, I’ve a few more interests than Italian food, as hard as that may seem to friends and family. And, given the time difference between here and North America, I was already reading people’s assignments on being a good neighbour by the time I started reading and commenting. I landed on a post about just that and, in turn, got some other ideas about blogs to read next. A blogging-reading-blogging vortex.

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Dream reader, I see you!

Yes, you there, with the pile of cook books stacked high on your kitchen table, bookmarking and thumbing all the recipies for ‘sauce, tomato’ you can see. No one recipe will cut it, you need several approaches to get the best fit for the way you work.

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Here I am and here’s why I write

A brief background on me and why I’m writing this blog:

– it’s a way of reconnecting with my personal Italian history, of years spent studying and working and visiting, best reached through pasta dishes, Mediterranean flavours and tomatoes! Evidently I have a crush on that fruit.

– And, as it turns out, I like writing, rediscovered it, after a long time of believing that I had nothing to write about, or didn’t have the ‘right’ words to express myself. Truth is, I have all the words, all of them, in my Scrabble box. And brain.

– Best bit is writing about something so familiar, close to me like my skin, only distance and mountains and geography in between. Hero’s journey to the dinner table.

– Blogging is a way of sharing what I really enjoy with a whole bunch of people I may never cross paths with in my day-to-day.

– And it’s a tool to help me focus on one very important part of daily life – nourishment.