For the love of coffee – Brief history of Bialetti

Hello everybody,

My adventures in caffeine never cease!

Recently, I came accross this lovely website about all things Italian called Life in Italy.

Naturally, a post about Italian coffee caught my eye, and here you get a brief history of the moka as created by Bialetti. I love these little machines, I’ve had a few over the years, my fave being a mini moka for two, with a lime green handle and top. But a careless flatmate left the gass on too high and melted the handle. Still, another excuse to browse for a new moka… My most recent is from Ikea (no shame in that) and I’ve another one that I got as a gift, which reminds me, where did I put it? Ah, the perils of moving house!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend 🙂

A dopo



Photo feature – Affogato

Hello lovely readers,

it’s a veritable heat wave in Ireland at the moment, we’re seeing sundresses, shorts and sandals everywhere, with temperatures reaching mid 20s. This is our summer and we’re gonna enjoy it! And what better way to cool down than with this.

Espresso + vanilla ice-cream + dash of amaretto = the best dessert you’ll have this weekend.


And to all my Canadian and American readers, hope you’re celebrating your national holidays in style.

Buon appetito e buone feste a tutti!


Tiramisù, Take Two

Ciao ragazze e ragazzi! Had a good Easter, hope you did too, if you were celebrating it.

Just before Easter, I made another version of tiramisù. There were a few odds and ends lurking in the fridge and cupboard so I put them to good use. Nothing like a dessert to make things better.

Tiramisu 3

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Photo feature – Pocket Coffee

Rocket fuel espresso lives in a dark chocolate shell, ready for an instant caffeine hit. Yum

Pocket coffee 2

In the background, an article from the Sunday Times Magazine on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, on my ever-increasing list of books to read. Have you read them?