Pasta Bake – Italian Style

Inspired by the stay at home Dad blogger, Man vs. Pink‘s post on the pasta bake, or timpano, from the movie Big Night (with Stanley Tucci, I love him) I started looking for similar recipes, in one of those lazy Sunday morning browses through some of my lovely cookbooks. Giorgio Locatelli’s Timbalo di Riso con Pasta looks amazing – pasta bake with rice, pasta, meatballs, hardboiled eggs and tomato sauce – and so does his recipe for Baked pasta with aubergine. So, keeping in mind the busy week ahead, I’m thinking of making a pasta bake today. Some ideas so far:

  • Aubergine, peppers and courgette with tomato sauce and Parmesan breadcrumb crust
  • Cauliflower, blue cheese and walnut, with a lovely white sauce, and maybe some spinach
  • Roasted butternut squash and sage butter and goat’s cheese
  • Cabbage, potatoes and lots of cheese sauce, with wholewheat pasta, a nod to Northern Italian traditions

I’ll keep you posted about what I make!



Lasagne stands for comfort

This was the best one yet. I have reached the heights of lasagne making and my belly has been so grateful. This is a Silver Spoon recipe, gently tweaked to what I had in the fridge and cupboard, it was enough for 2 dinners – happy days. And, dare I say it, it tasted even better the second day. I love it when that happens! Still delicious and less washing up to do.

There’s two parts: The Basic White Sauce and the Tomato Combo with mince. You could easily substitute the mince for Quorn mince, roasted Mediterranean veggies or your choice of bean, all of which would make for a satisfying dinner and tasty leftovers.

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