A Taste of Summer – Olive Oil

Welcome Summer! It’s been so long and I’ve missed you so.

Summer as a season doesn’t exist here in Ireland, it’s a short mishmash of pleasant days, with fleeting moments of blue sky and sunny heat before grey clouds threaten picnics and frighten away outdoor gatherings. We persevere and wear shorts regardless!

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Pasta with tuna, tomato, capers and black olives

It’s a cold December afternoon and, lucky me, I’ve a day off work, I can cook my lunch. I like taking my time with these things, even if it’s just to appreciate the fact that I can taste my food, and not rush to get out the door on time or to take out the rubbish or do another load of washing or… you get the picture. Slowing down, in general, helps me re-focus on the important things, like food.

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