Tiramisù, Take Two

Ciao ragazze e ragazzi! Had a good Easter, hope you did too, if you were celebrating it.

Just before Easter, I made another version of tiramisù. There were a few odds and ends lurking in the fridge and cupboard so I put them to good use. Nothing like a dessert to make things better.

Tiramisu 3

This time I made the cream with mascarpone and custard, with grated dark chocolate on top. As for the biscuits, I had some lady fingers, which I dipped in espresso and amaretto, then into the tray and left to set in the fridge. Of course it went down a treat, and as you can see from my photo, it went quickly too!

Tiramisu 1

For more tiramisù ideas, see my earlier post here.

For a comprehensive look at differen tiramisù recipes, check out Felicity Cloake’s How to Make the Perfect Tiramisu.

And, don’t forget to check out the food bloggers I folow, so many creative desserts, such little time!



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