Pasta Bake – Italian Style

Inspired by the stay at home Dad blogger, Man vs. Pink‘s post on the pasta bake, or timpano, from the movie Big Night (with Stanley Tucci, I love him) I started looking for similar recipes, in one of those lazy Sunday morning browses through some of my lovely cookbooks. Giorgio Locatelli’s Timbalo di Riso con Pasta looks amazing – pasta bake with rice, pasta, meatballs, hardboiled eggs and tomato sauce – and so does his recipe for Baked pasta with aubergine. So, keeping in mind the busy week ahead, I’m thinking of making a pasta bake today. Some ideas so far:

  • Aubergine, peppers and courgette with tomato sauce and Parmesan breadcrumb crust
  • Cauliflower, blue cheese and walnut, with a lovely white sauce, and maybe some spinach
  • Roasted butternut squash and sage butter and goat’s cheese
  • Cabbage, potatoes and lots of cheese sauce, with wholewheat pasta, a nod to Northern Italian traditions

I’ll keep you posted about what I make!



I’ve got mighty plans for these aubergines

As I write, there are 2 aubergines hidden under a packet of organic peppers* and a head of broccoli** in the fridge. Yes, I keep my veggies in the fridge. No, I don’t feel silly about it either. Most of my day I’m at the office, away from my veggies, and I think it’s safest place for them. And me. Nobody likes tears at dinner time. Especially when I had my heart set on a veggies for a recipe and I find they’re mouldy, gone off…

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