Tiramisù, Take Two

Ciao ragazze e ragazzi! Had a good Easter, hope you did too, if you were celebrating it.

Just before Easter, I made another version of tiramisù. There were a few odds and ends lurking in the fridge and cupboard so I put them to good use. Nothing like a dessert to make things better.

Tiramisu 3

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Well, now, where did the last few weeks go…? Ah yes, preparing for Christmas! With lots of people to see and be merry with, I got caught up in the festivities and left my blog to one side. This goes against the good advice of many bloggers, I know, but it doesn’t happen that often that I am both in the mood and financially able to go out with my friends and family as much as I did. While I ventured out into the world in search of happy times, I also happened to make this classic Italian dessert for dinner at a friend’s flat. They made the dinner, a lasagne and parmigiana, both hearty, belly-warming lovelies, and I brought tiramisu’ to feed 8.

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It’s getting close to Christmas…

and the supermarkets have Panettone and Pandoro on the shelves, happy days. They’re light, tall sponge cakes, with or without candied fruit, dusted in icing sugar and served in tall wedges usually with a mascarpone cream. They have the fruit content of traditional Mince Pies and Christmas Pudding, but minus the strong alcohol flavour.

Some love them (me!) and some hate them, but, they are versatile sponges – you could easily make a bread and butter pudding with the lovely sponge, or zuccotto, a layered desert with mascarpone, nuts, chocolate chips and a little vin santo (the Greedy Italians’ do a great recipe for this) or some pain perdu a.k.a. french toast.

Now I’m off to check reviews online and I’ll keep you updates on which ones I buy and eat.