Photo feature – Nutella night-light

Nutella onNutella off

Ciao ragazzi, come state?

After straining my voice, and getting laryngitis, I went MIA and now I’m back. Phew. I missed the blog.

In the photos above, you can see my lovely Nutella night-light. Just press the white jar and the light comes on. I love Nutella, I really do.

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Photo feature – Nutella love

My housemate got me this treat – a single serving of Nutella on the go, with tiny bread sticks for dipping. I’d seen something similar in Italy, but with an added mini drink ln the side.

Oh sugary Nutella snacks, how I love you!

Nut and go

Nutella, how I love you

We go way back, me and Nutella, so far I can’t even remember the first time I tasted that chocolatey, hazelnutty spread, that I would later use as breakfast substitute in college (oh college, so crazy, do you know how much refined sugar…? Nevermind). Friends even gave me themed presents, notably a Nutella clock and a Nutella night-light, my love knew no limits. In Italy, the neighbourhood gelateria had a massive 10kg tub in the window and I Googled it, because, you know, that amount is planning ahead, like an adult. And, If Vans made Nutella shoes, I’d have ’em.

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A brief but lovely post where I share some great Italian inspired food blogs. Please take a look 🙂

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