Pizza versus Calzone – part three

Ah, that lovely smell of pizza in the oven



Ricotta, spinach, mozzarella calzone


Tomato sauce, ricotta, spinach calzone

I should really do this more often, it’s been a really satisfying process, from making the dough, to stretching it and topping it with tasty veg and cheese, not forgetting pizza for leftovers 🙂

Now, on to the calzones – as you can see, my first had a gap so I covered it up, and the filling of tomato sauce, ricotta and spinach didn’t ooze out. The second was easier to shape, no gaps, but the filling of spinach, ricotta and mozzarella did melt out of one side – that’s just the homemede touch 😉

Both really hit the spot – they were well seasoned, had a nice balance of dough and filling for my tastes, and reheated well for lunches the next day.

As much as I enjoyed the pizza, it tasted so much better fresh from the oven. Still, I’d never turn my nose up at pizza for breakfast, never!

Buon appetito




Pizza versus Calzone – part two

imagePizza time!

A little late, but it’s worth the wait.

The dough recipe came from, from that I made pizza, with enough left over for two mini calzones. (Calzone post tomorrow!)

After tasting the pizza I decided it needed more seasoning and maybe some more tomato sauce. Ah, I’ll just have to make some more 🙂




Pizza versus Calzone – part one

After my trip to the densist, finding out that I need a filling (help!), I was ready.

Ready to make pizzas.


Mini pizzas and calzones with left over dough.

Stuffed dough balls with the leftover leftover dough.


I have the wrong flour…

Ah come on!?!

I’m making pizza tarts insteaaaaaaaaaaddddd!

and the rest of the lovely oven treats tomorrow.

Feast your eyes on my roasted veggies and my tomato sauce made with passata, parsley, thyme, oregano, onion, carrot and garlic.

A domani







Pizza versus Calzone



(Illustration – Farley Katz /CN Collection)

This cartoon from The New Yorker got me thinking- when’s the last time I made a calzone, let alone eat one? And pizza? It’s been ages since I’ve made the dough. Inspired by humour and hunger, I’ll make pizzas and calzones today and tomorrow and post the results, they should be successful or, at least, ugly-but-tasty. Yuss!

The latest Batman versus Superman was a mediocre film but this battle between baked Italian goods will probably be better. You heard it here first.




Rosso Authentic Woodfire Pizza – Best pizza in Dublin

Pizza 1 Pizza 2

Rosso Authentic Woodfire Pizza, in Dublin, Ireland, use wood fire ovens (but of course) to cook pizza in no time at all. Their range of authentic Italian-style pizzas is to die for. Classics like Margherita and Quattro Stagioni are second to none, plus their more experimental ones like the Torino – smoked chicken, Gorgonzola and porcini mushrooms – are sublime . And, yes, that is a magical combination of umami goodness. Took the pics in a hurry, I was hungry, I’m sure you understand.

Got pizza recommendations? Do you like to make your own? What’s your fave?