A Taste of Summer – Olive Oil

Welcome Summer! It’s been so long and I’ve missed you so.

Summer as a season doesn’t exist here in Ireland, it’s a short mishmash of pleasant days, with fleeting moments of blue sky and sunny heat before grey clouds threaten picnics and frighten away outdoor gatherings. We persevere and wear shorts regardless!

Few things keep me feeling sunny on the inside year round, so when I come across something special I keep note. Item number one – olive oil.

My latest installment in self-care and summer vibes is this salad – thin strips of carrot, sclied radishes, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, green olives stuffed with almonds, pomegranate seeds, a little lemon juice, a dash of olive oil and seasoned with a little salt and black pepper. No, it’s not Italian, it’s not a lot of things, but it is absolutely delicious, enhanced by the lovely Italian olive oil drizzled all over. So good I could drink it!

Salad 2

From Aldi, via southern Italy, this extra virgin olive oil has a smooth velvety consistency, grass-green colour, hints of fresh herbs and hay and sunshine. Perfect for salad dressings, seasoning grilled fish or veggies, avoid using it for cooking or those summery notes disappear.


What keeps you feeling summery? Do you have a fave olive oil?




3 thoughts on “A Taste of Summer – Olive Oil

  1. I love your salad here! Looks indeed so sunny and summery. Yes, for me, olive oil is king…it’s in almost every dish I cook!
    I don’t necessarily have a favorite brand but I look for the greenest, most extravirgin I can find.
    Definitely foods help me to feel summery..Watermelon is the perfect summer food!
    Have a lovely weekend and let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts! It does seem to go by so fast…

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    • Hi Lia, glad you like it! Have you been cooking anything lately? You’re right about olive oil, it’s great, it’s liquid gold and it’s always a joy to be able to have some in the kitchen. Watermelon, now there’s something I haven’t had in ages, must go find some. Have a fab weekend xo

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      • Hi Emma!
        I’ve been making lots of salads (corn salad, cucumber salad etc.) as well as homemade hummus. It’s my favorite 🙂
        Yes, olive oil is liquid gold and is always by my side in the kitchen!
        I just actually ate a huge amount of watermelon tonight to end this warm weekend…delish!
        Buon’inizio della settimana!
        A presto,

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