This is what gives me energy

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Dinner this evening was an unfussy affair, pasta, tomato sauce and beans, but it was just lovely. It was my birthday not too long ago and I was given many foodie treats as gifts (which I’ll always be grateful for), some of which included some products from the organic brand Bunalun. So, this evening, my dinner was almost 100% organic! Organic and Italian, there’s a treat I don’t have everyday. The pasta sauce tasted fresh but velvety and had a natural sweetness from the tomatoes and basil, plus no added sugar, always a winner in my book. The penne were really tasty, didn’t go mushy or too soft, were cooked just right. And the beans packed a much-needed protein punch. I added some Grana and black pepper and sat down on the couch to eat. I really do love pasta. โค

And, here are more things that give me my energy back, put a spring back in my step and generally make me feel calmer:

  • eating well, taking a time out to eat and just eat, no distractions!
  • eating fresh veggies often
  • eating Italian foods that make me feel happy, like pasta
  • going for walks, long or short, in the park
  • a good sleep
  • a hot shower
  • reading a good book, wrapped up warm and with the heating turned on
  • knowing that my fridge is half empty but my cupboard is almost full


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