About me

Who are you?

Emma, and I eat Italian food a lot. I will never get bored with pasta. There’s at least 4 kg in the cupboard and that needs topping up. Pronto.

Where are you?

Ireland now, but it used to be Italy (and France. But we won’t bring that up in front of the blog).

Why write about Italian food? That’s been done sooooo many times already…

Yeah, I know … I still thinks it’s worth writing about, because TOMATOES THAT TASTE LIKE SUNSHINE. More to the point:

– Lived in Italy, by chance and by sheer will. First in Le Marche region, on the east coast, for my studies, and then Piedmont, in the north-west, for work. Different places, different food, I tried to eat all of it, I ended up eating most of it.

– And I fell hard. For the food. Locally grown fruit and veg from the Saturday market in the town centre; I ate like a king on a shoestring. And I learnt so much from Italian banter, I mean, the way people talked about how to make the best tomato sauce or the regional dishes they grew up on, it was like a revelation for me, perhaps the first time I realised that this wasn’t a fling, that Italian food is for life.

What do I want from this blog?

I want to get my passion on to (virtual) paper and meet other bloggers worldwide that share this amore for Italian edibles. And I want somebody to cook for me, at least once, by way of this blog. I am always willing to return the favour.

What do you want from this blog? Yeah, you!

Well, tell me! I need some feedback on this. I’m a newbie after all.

If you’d like to see something in particular on this blog, say, a recipe for veggie lasagne, drop me a line.

And remember sharing is caring. If you like what you see, share. You know I’d do the same for you.

But I’ve more questions…!

Woah there! You can read more about myself and why I write on my Blogging 101 posts.

And if you want to contact me about writing together or exchanging recipes, gimmie a shout in the comments below.




19 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’m half Italian by heritage and I’ve been to Italy 3 times …. but it was on the last visit that I truly feel in love with the country, the people, and the food. Reading through your posts reminded me of why … simple food with glorious flavour 🙂

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  3. Hi – I love Italian food…though I’ve only eaten Americanized versions. So I’m sort of excited about following you and learning to make (and getting to eat) some real Italian food. :o)


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