Pizza versus Calzone



(Illustration – Farley Katz /CN Collection)

This cartoon from The New Yorker got me thinking- when’s the last time I made a calzone, let alone eat one? And pizza? It’s been ages since I’ve made the dough. Inspired by humour and hunger, I’ll make pizzas and calzones today and tomorrow and post the results, they should be successful or, at least, ugly-but-tasty. Yuss!

The latest Batman versus Superman was a mediocre film but this battle between baked Italian goods will probably be better. You heard it here first.





2 thoughts on “Pizza versus Calzone

  1. I am a pizzaholic, my favourite is Diavola, nice and spicy.

    When we lived in the UK Mrs Sensible would buy cheap frozen pizza and then dress them with Italian cheese and basil she would then sprinkle oregano and olive oil her dad sent from Sicily. mmmmm

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