Torta Pistocchi – Chocolate cake from Florence



Let me start by saying that this is not a sponge cake. It is a dense, rich chocolate hit. This is closer in texture and flavour to a chocolate pot, gianduja or Nutella, but so much more deeply chocolatey, and satisfying.

I tasted the 65% bittersweet torta with a cup of black coffee, at my fave Italian food shop in Dublin, Little Italy, as part of a chocolate tasting event. Quite the caffeine buzz so early on in the morning, but, hey, that’s just me living on the edge. 😉

On the day, Marcello, from Districts of Italy, a food distrubition company based in Wales, told me about its origins in Florence, its popularity in Italy and beyond, and the variety of torte available, not forgetting chocolate covered nuts and orange peel, chocolate discs and a vegan torta. There’s a white chocolate torta with spices but didn’t get to try it on the day so I’ll have to order it instead. Chocolate surprise in the post, much better than bills.

I got a few little 40g torta for some famlily who have the same feelings about chocolate as I do (there is never enough of the good stuff) and I shall be back to get more, if there are any left.

And, while on the subject of Christmas cakes, I’ve already spotted a whole range of Panetone and Pandoro. It’s all very exciting stuff, or maybe that’s my sugar buzz talking.

a dopo





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