Nutella, how I love you

We go way back, me and Nutella, so far I can’t even remember the first time I tasted that chocolatey, hazelnutty spread, that I would later use as breakfast substitute in college (oh college, so crazy, do you know how much refined sugar…? Nevermind). Friends even gave me themed presents, notably a Nutella clock and a Nutella night-light, my love knew no limits. In Italy, the neighbourhood gelateria had a massive 10kg tub in the window and I Googled it, because, you know, that amount is planning ahead, like an adult. And, If Vans made Nutella shoes, I’d have ’em.

Since I made my way on up to WordPress, I have searched high and low for recipes that includes Nutella, many even boasted home-made Nutella in baked goods, the thought alone was heaven, and I want to make all of them, but I fear I will eat the hazelnut spread before it even meets the cookie dough/pastry/bread/crêpe/pancake. Still, it’d be a Saturday afternoon well spent. Noms

Caution : chocolate spreads are not the same as Nutella. Not even close. Really, this stuff cannot be substituted, as tested by the kitchn. I’m not au fait with all these brands, but, trust me, I’ve done some, eh hem, extensive research on other chocolate spreads (Panda, I’m looking at you) and none of them even come close to the good stuff. I repeat, chocolate spread does not equal Nutella.

I have since kicked the breakfast habit, and limit myself to the occasional jar, because, you know, treats.

Do you love it too?


PS – it was World Nutella Day on 5th February, who knew? Thanks to Take Me To Tea for the reminder and a sweet recipe for Nutella Banana Swirl Banana Bread Cinnamon rolls. Heaven, sweet heaven!


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