On being a good neighbour

For this assignment, I threw caution to the wind (it’s been very windy in Ireland this week) and read blogs that weren’t necessarily foodie ones. GASP! Well, I’ve a few more interests than Italian food, as hard as that may seem to friends and family. And, given the time difference between here and North America, I was already reading people’s assignments on being a good neighbour by the time I started reading and commenting. I landed on a post about just that and, in turn, got some other ideas about blogs to read next. A blogging-reading-blogging vortex.

At Untitled, Unfinished, their approach to this was similar to mine – kinda random, check the Reader and ‘click and see’, but then there are days where I just wanna go to Longreads blog to spend a chunk of time getting lost in somebody else’s uninverse for a while. It was cool to read about somebody who’s been blogging since the time of MySpace, and how things have changed since then too.

Through this post, I discovered a link to a post about collecting stamps. I collected them briefly when I was a kid and was always fascinated by the different faces, historical buildings and drawings I’d see, that this bit of paper had travelled around the world and landed in my hands, well, I thought it was marvelous. Imagine my joy at going on a journey like the stamp – travelling for a while in France and Italy, and sometimes further afield on family trips, very exciting then and still is now. I’m looking forward to another Italian adventure, hopefully this year, and I cannot wait.

It was a happy coincidence that I landed on that post, reminding me how exciting it is to travel.



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