Dream reader, I see you!

Yes, you there, with the pile of cook books stacked high on your kitchen table, bookmarking and thumbing all the recipies for ‘sauce, tomato’ you can see. No one recipe will cut it, you need several approaches to get the best fit for the way you work.

On good days, it’s the organised approach, all ingredients, tools and accoutrements on the counter, dilligently preping veg, timing it all perfectly, so that pasta mets sauce at the precisely the right moment! On the not so good days, it’s minimal effort,when lots of tins come together to create a hug for the belly, only thing that’ll do when the world is just too much.

You watch food on tv, you read about food online in newspapers, magaines and on blogs, you chat to people about what you cooked on the weekends, you understand that this is life giving joy and that feeding and nourishing are very important in everyday living, and you know that food means a lot more than not feeling hungry.

Above all, Dream Reader, you love tomatoes, spinach, cime di rapa, pizza bianca, espresso, gelato, lasagne, tortellini in brodo, cioccolata calda, crescia, piadina, focaccia, and all the things you’ve read about in those Italian cook books of yours, and have even been lucky enough to have tasted them in Italia, when you were there studying, working, visiting or dreaming.

You know that to love food is to feel alive – when you discover a new flavour combo that rocks your world and when you start blogging about it to share the love and enthusiam that food brings out in you.

Let’s hang out some time, Dream Reader, making fresh pasta on a quiet sunny afternon with Gennaro.



4 thoughts on “Dream reader, I see you!

  1. You know what doesn’t get enough attention? Italian seafood! I visited Cinque Terre and ate the most succulent array of deliciously sweet seafood in my LIFE! No one does shellfish like Italian fishing villages.

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  2. My friend’s ex-girlfriend made a sauce that he adored. I’ve tried on many occasions to replicate the damned thing. I’m *this* close to figuring it out! Perhaps, I’ll stumble upon it one day, perhaps not. But I’ll be interested to see what you make!

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