Here I am and here’s why I write

A brief background on me and why I’m writing this blog:

– it’s a way of reconnecting with my personal Italian history, of years spent studying and working and visiting, best reached through pasta dishes, Mediterranean flavours and tomatoes! Evidently I have a crush on that fruit.

– And, as it turns out, I like writing, rediscovered it, after a long time of believing that I had nothing to write about, or didn’t have the ‘right’ words to express myself. Truth is, I have all the words, all of them, in my Scrabble box. And brain.

– Best bit is writing about something so familiar, close to me like my skin, only distance and mountains and geography in between. Hero’s journey to the dinner table.

– Blogging is a way of sharing what I really enjoy with a whole bunch of people I may never cross paths with in my day-to-day.

– And it’s a tool to help me focus on one very important part of daily life – nourishment.



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