I had a go at Pesto

…and it was good enough.

From the last recipe I posted, I used some fresh basil (which was delicious, btw). But, I wasn’t 100% what to do with it next. And by that I mean, how can I incorporate this into my next dinner?

I immediately thought of those people who freeze leftover herbs and liquids in ice-cube trays and just add them to what ever they’re cooking next, you know, tiny cubes of wine going into an effortlessly moreish stew in a cast iron pot. Bah! I do not lead that kind of lifestyle and that’s okay. I prefer to make leftover basil into pesto and throw caution to the wind (or cover it in clingfilm, fridge it and eat it for 2 days in a row. WIN)

This pesto is not authentic. No fresh garlic here. Not a pine nut in sight. Just made it with what was in the cupboard and fridge. I like this approach – it’s convenient, realistic and affordable. Words I want to apply to a car someday.

This is what I had to work with:

  • about 25g fresh Basil
  • pistachio nuts
  • walnuts
  • olive oil
  • Grana Padano
  • salt and pepper

I made the pesto by blitzing the nuts (about a small handful for me of shelled pistachios and a couple walnuts, but I’ve got small hands, so a mini handful for you.)

Then I added the basil and about 2 tbsp olive oil. Added seasoning and blitzed again. You can add the finely grated cheese at this stage. I left it out. Not only handy if you’re vegan, but I wanted to see what it tasted like without.

Happy with the results. Overall it could have done with a touch more basil and less pistachio/walnut skin. I got 2 generous servings for big bowls of pasta. Yum.



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